India has been involved in a legal tussle with Nokia over the past few months. While at first it was said that this would have no bearing on Microsoft’s acquisition of Nokia’s devices and services unit, it appears that we could be in for some rough times.

It is being reported that the final takeover could be delayed by up to six months.

Both Nokia and Microsoft recently said that the final transaction was delayed until April 2014, but the continuing legal battle in India has now taken a turn for the worse.

Authorities in India have accused Nokia of trying to evade paying $545 million dollar in taxes. If you think this is big, India also wants Nokia to pay for future liabilities that could come in at $3.4 billion — $500 million is set as an upfront payment for this mountain of a figure.

And in order to create clarity, India has now ordered a special audit that, due to its sheer complexity, could take up to six months to complete. Nokia, in the meantime, have confirmed that they have received orders for the audit.

Now although the company has said that it would comply with authorities, it has declined to say if the audit would affect the deal. I guess we will find out in the coming weeks.

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  • Sally Black

    Delayed even more! Wow, has to be frustrating news for Redmond. Best of luck, Microsoft.

    • Wayne S

      You’re right. Even though these are some serious issues, Microsoft’s first concern at this point has to be the amount of delays it has endured. They’re definitely having discussions on whether or not this is worth it.

  • Bill Franklin

    I wonder if Microsoft is questioning getting into business with Nokia at all now. At this point, it seems like more harm than good.

  • Ray C

    It’s a flawed system if one country can hold up things over such BS

    • Jason Claven

      The system may be flawed. But with all due respect, I wouldn’t call $545 million dollars in tax evasion BS. Then again, I’m not sure of the legitimacy of these accusations, but if they’re indeed true, it’s a big deal.

      • Emily W

        It’s probably somewhere in the middle of real and BS. I think there’s some truth to these accusations, but overall, India seems to have it out for Nokia right now.