There never is a dull moment in the Redmond Empire, but the past few months for Microsoft have been an absolute blast. The House of Windows decided it was time for a new CEO to go with a little house cleaning and buying some new goodies.

The end result is that Microsoft is now going through a reorganization, is on the hunt for a new leader, while at the same time finalizing its acquisition of Nokia — the devices and services business, at least.

And while many people are actually wondering whether these changes are coming at the right time or not, one analyst believes they could not have come at a better time.

According to Manoj Menon, the managing director of consulting firm, Frost & Sullivan, these are some very smart moves, as the technology titan needs to boost its market share in the vitally important mobile sector on the double.

The analyst was quoted as saying:

“Mobile is an area of tremendous potential, but it has been one of weakness for Microsoft. Clearly the number one priority for the company is to get its mobile strategy right. From a strategy point of view, this deal is the perfect step. The only question is how well they can execute this plan.”

I am sure this is the question on everyone’s mind — but we may have to wait a while for an answer!

Steve Ballmer had been quite vocal over the years about migrating towards a devices and services concept. And while he is poised to leave the company soon, this much is certain that whoever comes in next will be required to reorganize the technology giant based on his ideas.

Then again, this is not exactly the finest problem to have, particularly for someone new at a job.

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  1. post ends with a negative again.

  2. All badmouthers, but Microsoft is a well run company that has a big disregard for shareholders, that I like about MS. Shareholders forget that Microsoft is a technology company mainly aimed at businesses, and not a consumer oriented company like Google or Apple. Consumer oriented companies can have big hits, but fame and succes can be shortlived. Look at Apple, Nokia, Sony and so on, all consumer oriented and struggling to remain relevant. Microsoft needs stability, reliability, quality and security because it’s biggest paying clients are businesses and enterprises, not consumers.

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