Microsoft’s Chernyak on Windows 8

Channel Buzz had an interesting interview with Stella Chernyak, senior director of product marketing for Windows Commercial at Microsoft.

She talks about how the launch of Windows 8 fits well with the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) era and makes it possible for IT managers to support great user experiences, a breadth of devices that include tablets and smartphones, but still retain great security and manageability.

Interestingly, she talks a bit about how Windows 8 spells the end of the “monolithic” enterprise-wide multi-year Windows rollout i.e., XP to Vista to Windows 7 etc. She sees integration of Windows 7 and Windows 8 in mixed environments, which is perhaps a recognition that such mixed environments will exist for many years.

As long as Microsoft owns most or all parts of the mix (in their thinking), it may be a great move to embrace this mix, rather than push markets wholesale to Windows 8.

Watch the interview below.