Joe Belfiore, Corporate VP of Windows Phone, describes the features of Windows Phone 8 and compares it with Android and iOS in this presentation.

He contrasts the “static” orientation of Android and iOS user interfaces based on apps with the more dynamic real-time orientation of Windows Phone 8.

Live tiles are apps updated in real time and personalized. Apps like Twitter and Facebook are updated in realtime and information can be viewed without updating or refreshing the app.

Belfiore states that Microsoft has 120,000 apps, mostly free and highlights their certification vs. Google Play apps. However, it is worth noting that iOS apps are also certified and the number of WP8 apps pale in comparison to the 550,000 Apple offers in its app store.

The Peoplehub is also an interesting WP8 function that integrates contact lists from Facebook, Twitter and Email. Rooms enable chat and private sharing of intra-group information, within families for example.

He also shows how you can childproof your phone with Kid’s Corner, collaborate with your family or coworkers in Rooms, use Live Apps that provide real-time information at a glance, and back up everything to SkyDrive.


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