Microsoft’s Latest Ad Showcases A New Generation Of PCs, Watch Here

Along with officially announcing that Windows 8.1 has hit RTM status, Microsoft has also just published a brand new Windows 8 ad, one that is a fair bit different from the previous commercials promoting the company’s flagship platform.

This new one is not exactly focused on features of the OS — but on devices.

Redmond is now trying to indicate that Windows 8 has paved way for a whole new generation of PCs, as the operating system puts the focus on touchscreen devices, making it easier for users to perform your daily activities. New form factors like hybrids, convertibles and all-in-ones are featured.

You can watch the video below:

This new ad is simple and effective — although not particularly memorable like a few of its recent commercials. But this is the continuation of its efforts to convince manufacturers to continue investing in touchscreen units and users to embrace the new platform.

And with Windows 8.1 right around the corner, Microsoft expects Windows 8.1 to do basically the same thing once it is released in October.

Microsoft has made it quite clear that it expects new form factors, along with plenty of fresh devices to launch together with Windows 8.1. The technology titan is said to be working closely with its hardware partners on these new devices.

And not to mention, the second-generation Surface tablet is also reported to see daylight in October, meaning the launch of Windows 8.1 could end up being an even more significant event.

For now, however, watch the simple and unassuming ad above, and share your thoughts on it in the comment section below.