When it comes to technology, I use a little bit of everything. Windows, Android and even on occasion some of Apple’s products. It is important to find the technology that works best for you and make a decision from there, instead of just looking at the company behind a product.

That said, I’ve become increasingly impressed with Windows 8/RT and especially Windows Phone 8. I’ve always liked Microsoft’s mobile efforts, even if they have never been that popular. Somewhere around the house I still have an old iPaq even.
So what do I look for in a product? To me, I look for technology that is both innovative, unique and reliable. In short, something that works and works well. Something I truly believe that Microsoft has gotten right in the last few years.

Unfortunately, having a good product doesn’t mean it will be popular. It’s all about marketing and perception. Apple has pushed aesthetics and a certain image that has won it a firm position as a trending item, and Microsoft is hoping to do the same.

It’s doesn’t just end with a good product and good marketing, though.

Microsoft’ Anti-Google Campaigns

The third element is making your product look superior to the competitors. This often includes using lawsuits to undermine the competition, marketing that focuses negatively on the competition and other somewhat dubious tactics.
I don’t necessarily agree with this third element of success, but it is still very much part of the game it seems. These kinds of tactics have been used by all sorts of technology companies, Apple and Google included.

Recently Microsoft has taken to this third element pretty strongly. Such tactics have included pointing out malware in the past for Android and recently calling Google by the name Scroogle.

Now they have a new campaign that asks users “Do you have an Android malware horror story? Reply with #DroidRage with your best/worst story and we may have a get-well present for you” says a new tweet from Microsoft.

While this kind of marketing might help shed light on some of Android’s malware woes (which legitimately do exist), it can equally backfire. Many of us get annoyed when a company is too bullish, hence why a lot of folks out there are against Apple. Apple has been restrictive, overly excessive with lawsuits and appears to be an overall arrogant company– this coming from someone who does have a few Apple products at hope as secondary devices.

Microsoft needs to prove themselves by focusing on marketing their products and showing why they are better, not focusing on the faults of competing platforms. Keep in mind that this is purely my opinion. Maybe these anti-Google ads will pay off in the long run, you never know.

That said, many Twitter users have already started turning the effort into a joke replying back with a “#WindowsRage” tag instead, and talking about past problems with Windows.

“#WindowRage- Still can’t get rid of all the bloatware on my church’s computer. Tired of seeing the blue screen of death”. That’s just one example.

What do you think of Microsoft’s latest twitter campaign, good idea or not? In general, do you think that using this third element is a good idea for selling your product or should companies focus more on quality and positive marketing? Share your thoughts below.

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