Microsoft has just unleashed a brand new Windows 8 commercial that pits it against the iPad. And this one may well be the best one yet, as it shows both deices in a real-world scenario.

This short 31-second ad shows the Lenovo Yoga, and highlights how the device offers all of the features of the iPad while in tablet mode, but can easily flip to a standard laptop layout when needed.

The setting is a classroom, making this a pretty neat introduction to Windows 8 tablets for those that are heading back to school. Makes one wonder why this ad was not produced and aired over the summer, before people purchased the back to school goods.

Nevertheless, as noted above, this is one of the better ads Microsoft has put out:

And while this commercial is another spin on Microsoft’s Windows 8 versus iPad ads, Redmond has not actually mentioned the price this time around, unlike previous ads like this in the series.

The Yoga 11s shown in the video starts at a significant price of $749, which in some instances makes it a bit more expensive than the iPad — depending on the model and accessories. The ad, obviously, does not name the Yoga, but Microsoft could well have created the same ad with the Surface.

Your thoughts on this video? Send them in!

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  • Ray C

    This is a good commercial. I don’t know if it’s the best. I could probably think of one I like better. I do like the ones that show the price. This is a good ad though. But on the subject of price, Microsoft needs to make a Surface or maybe a Nokia tablet that compete with Chromebooks on price. They might need to actually advertise those education discounts. I know of a college textbook company that is providing all the students in a particular program at a couple colleges in my area with Chromebooks.

    • Fahad Ali

      Yup, there have been a few good Windows 8 ads. 🙂 This one is right there at the top for the sole reason that it says a lot without actually talking (or dancing, for that matter). We need more commercials like this, particularly ones that are set in a real life location – real life solutions to real life problems.

      That’s a sure fire recipe for success, as opposed to say dancing and more dancing.

  • KeithE

    Personally, I don’t find this particularly clever or inspiring. Don’t get me wrong. I’m a W8 fan and, among other devices, use an Asus VivoTab. But I also use an iPad, with Logitech keyboard and the recently updated iOS version of OneNote, which would work perfectly well in this scenario. Sorry, but this ad is just lame.

  • Mike Greenway

    It makes a good point, in a pleasant way. Tablet + multitasking + handy key board.