Samsung’s flagship Android smartphone is one of the bestselling mobile devices of the past year, and while the Korean put the Galaxy SIII up against Apple iPhone in its launch commercials, this time Microsoft is giving it a taste of its own medicine.

But boy, some taste this is — as aggressive and as direct as it can be.

Redmond has launched a new campaign called ‘Meet Your Match’, as its follow-up to the ‘Smoked by Windows Phone’ marketing campaign which registered some great success.

The newest installment of this series sees Ben take to the street in an effort to compare his Nokia Lumia 920 to the Samsung Galaxy SIII. The competition is finding content users would really want, and as you would expect the Windows Phone device comes out on top.

Here, take a look at the video commercial yourself:

Impressed? The ad works great on many levels, and the real world challenges is Microsoft’s new strategy of showing how its Windows Phone mobile platform works better in many areas compared to other competing operating systems.

Most high-end Windows Phone 8 devices obviously breeze through most synthetic benchmarks but showing them in real life scenarios is a perfect way to show off the capabilities of the company’s fresh new mobile platform.

At the very least it is better than some of the generic ones shown in the European launch of the Surface tablets with their dreary background music tracks. Let us know what you think of this new ad below.

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  • TrueGrit

    maybe it is just me, but this ad won’t play on my Windows Phone 8 (HTC 8 ).

  • EseSilencer

    Won’t play on my 8X amd can’t find it on YouTube

  • estefasaur

    Cool add Microsoft defiantly needs to show what WP can do but it would be interesting if they showed the ATIV S instead imo

  • DigitalSyrup

    Microsoft really needs to get into people’s faces like this ad to make them realize that the Windows Phone 8 platform DOESN’T SUCK. Just for clarification, that app Ben is using.. is that WP8 or a Nokia exclusive?