Open Tech is one of the most inspiring new divisions at Microsoft. Exactly one year ago the software titan decided to launch a new subsidiary to handle open standards and open source projects.

And it just turned one year old, very recently.

Microsoft has, in the past few years, bet heavily on working with open source communities. In fact, according to Redmond, Open Tech has worked on 51 distinct projects in the first year of existence, collaborating with several important open source communities around the world.

Some of the names include CodePlex, Web Platform Docs, Eclipse, Apache Qpid and of course, jQuery.

The company shared the news on the official website of Open Tech, saying:

“In our very first year, as the openness revolution continues to transform a world of devices connected to online services, MS Open Tech shipped 51 important open source devices and services projects. We have 25 active open source projects across CodePlex and GitHub, and we are active contributors to dozens other open source and open standards initiatives.”

Full marks for effort, it must be said — and it will only get bigger from here.

The new subsidiary currently employs no less than 70 individuals, and there is a fair chance that Microsoft may hire several more workers, as the company plans to increase its focus on open source projects in the years to come.

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