Microsoft’s Second Favorite Browser Is Opera, It Seems

No prizes for guessing what Redmond’s favorite web browser of all time is. But the company is pretty clear what the second choice is. And no it is not Google Chrome or even Mozilla Firefox.

Microsoft released its first Android phone, yesterday.

Yes, the company has launched a device powered by Android, which is really powered by Linux (and a bit of Java thrown around for good measure).  The Nokia X2 arrives with all sorts of improvements, ranging from design and software.

And speaking of the latter, all smartphones, and some not so smart phones, need to come with a default browser. Now, since an Android port of Internet Explorer does not exist, the software titan had no choice but to go in with the best alternate.

Which as Opera Software talks about here, is Opera. As their CEO Lars Boilesen notes:

“Our companies have enjoyed a long history together, and this represents a huge step forward for both of the companies. We have worked closely with the Microsoft Devices Group on this project, to make sure the users of Nokia X affordable smartphones can have the best web browsing experience right out of the box.”

Long history, I am sure, in this case is very negative, with the Opera folks talking smack about Internet Explorer on numerous occasion. But hey, there are times when things like these have to be forgotten.


Anyway, the company has introduced its Turbo compression service that is embedded in the Opera browser, which allows for as faster and snappier web browsing experience.

The fascinating thing here is that there is every chance Microsoft has a mobile version of Internet Explorer in development. In earliest of stages, maybe, but don’t be surprised to see an Android version of IE if Redmond’s Android adventure continues.

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