It’s no secret that Microsoft is counting on the potential of “unification” of work and play on its tablet PCs, including the recently  released Surface RT.

This seems to be their secret weapon.  The argument goes: “Android tablets and iPads are for consuming content only.  To avoid having two devices, get a Surface RT or other Windows 8 tablet.”

You would then be able to work as well as devour movies, read eBooks and play games on a single machine, not on several.

The key to this argument seems to be Office 2013.  While strictly speaking, only apps from the Microsoft store will run on the Surface RT, Microsoft has loaded a version of Office 2013 called (yes, long name, I know): Office Home and Student 2013 RT.

The Preview version comes on the tablet and when you purchase it, the full version is then downloaded to your tablet. The four components in Office 2013 on the Surface are:

  1. Excel 2013
  2. Word 2013
  3. One Note 2013, and
  4. Powerpoint 2013.

Here’s a great video I found that gives a great intro to the Office software on Surface RT.  It has a bunch of new features that are tailored to the new Metro style interface and the touch paradigm.  Check it out below:

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