Microsoft’s website gets a new look

Well, Microsoft has been giving a new look to all its products and services.

From Windows Phone to Windows 8, from Bing to Xbox 360, and from Hotmail to SkyDrive, Microsoft had been incorporating its Metro style design into everything they have.

Now Microsoft has given a new look to its website.

They have done a major overhaul of’s look and feel.

The new design looks elegant and less cluttered than the current homepage.

Finding Products and services has become much easier than ever before.

The website looks more metroish, which reflects the design that Microsoft is giving to all its products.

Well, The new design is still in the preview mode. So more changes could be made in the look.

Check out the new here

And tell us what do you feel about the new look.

  • xinu

    finally they sorted their website out. Before their weskits looked and where horrible to use. This looks great and feels very finished. Well done Microsoft.

  • Yada Yada Yada

    I love it!