It seems that Microsoft is working on creating a TOP SECRET team. Sounds somewhat dubious doesn’t it? Don’t worry, this isn’t some plot by Microsoft to take over the globe or anything (or at least we don’t think so..). Instead, the new job posting is from within the Xbox Live group and is all about creating “what the future of entertainment will look like”.

Microsoft is constantly hiring for multimedia, TV and entertainment related Xbox stuff these days, so what makes this job posting stand out? The biggest reason is that Microsoft says that can’t reveal what the actual project is until the applicant is official offered a job.

Here are some other key words from the job post:

Not all of our ideas will fly. We will fail, and fail fast, on some projects. We will celebrate those failures because they are vital to making sure the right ideas take off in a big way. If you want a comfortable, standard-role job at Microsoft with no ambiguity or risk, please don’t apply.

Whether the job is talking about the Kinect or something entirely different related to Xbox Live, it is hard to say. Considering the fact that Microsoft is pushing towards unifying Xbox Live technology across all of its products, this project could be about quite a few different things. Whatever the project is about, the fruits of the effort could easily end up applying to the next Xbox as well as Windows 8 and Windows Phone devices.

While the job in question isn’t being detailed, Microsoft does clarify some of the base responsibilities involved and the qualifications needed.

Responsibilities include creative and rapid prototyping, developing implementation plans and collaborating to clarify and deliver tools and technology. Basically, it sounds like you are part of the glue that will hold the entire Xbox Live team together and push things forward.

Qualifications include 5+ years of professional software development and a bachelor’s degree, among other things.

What do you think of this job posting, working on a future version of the Kinect or perhaps something else entirely?

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