Microsoft made a bit of a splash last week after purchasing the development studio behind Minecraft. The popular game coming to Windows platforms, then, was a foregone conclusion.

And now we have some official confirmation.

But before that, a little history lesson.

Hints about Minecraft coming to Windows 8, Windows RT and Windows Phone 8 had been swirling for about a year now. It was back in November 2013 that the original developers opened up to the idea of working on the project.

Easier said than done, though, and that is because the Windows platform uses a different API for rendering. DirectX, as opposed to OpenGL, which is prevalent on mobile devices.

It came as no surprise that we did not hear any further development on this.

But with the $2.5 billion purchase already in bag, Microsoft can now get to work on porting the popular game to the Windows ecosystem. The head of the company’s Xbox team, Phil Spencer, has promised that Minecraft will come to Windows based platforms. Eventually.

This is what he said when inquired about it.

It may be worth a mention that Minecraft will only be available on a certain subset of Windows Phone devices, not all of them across the board, due to the technicalities and technical differences.

We’ll find out about it as we near launch, which probably is a fair while away.

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