Minesweeper Finds Its Way For Windows RT

Before Minecraft, there was Minesweeper.

The classic logic game has been included as one of the built-in games for Microsoft’s operating system since Windows 3.1. This widespread availability made it notorious as one of the most played game (along with Solitaire) during work. Ouch!

But the game has its rightful place in technology history.

Windows 8, however, did not include Minesweeper. And the only way to get it for the latest OS was downloading the freeware version on the Windows Store. Sadly this particular version was not compatible with Window RT.

Until now, that is.

Microsoft has just updated the game with support for Windows RT, and now Surface owners can go and get the game on the tablets. The game, obviously, is available for free on the Windows Store, but some users may find the built-in ads a tad annoying.

Nevertheless, it comes with two different play modes (Classic and Adventure) with a shiny new interface, sounds and visual effects. Microsoft has also included a step-by-step guide detailing how to play the game.

And best of all, both the regular and RT versions of the game come with Xbox Live support, with challenges, achievements and online leaderboards for players to compare the scores with other players.

Here is the official page for Microsoft Minesweeper on the Window Store. The official product description reads:

“Play the classic puzzle game that has been a part of Windows for more than 20 years, now re-imagined for Windows 8. Featuring adjustable difficulty, classic Minesweeper gameplay, and a brand new Adventure mode, Microsoft Minesweeper is better than ever”.

Groovy! Now all we need are the RT versions of Solitaire and other classic Windows games, which Microsoft has promised will be out soon.