The Start menu launched from the bottom left corner of your Windows start screen has been the staple of Windows User Interfaces from Windows 95 through Windows 7.

However the start menu is missing from Windows 8. Instead, the new Start screen features tiles for finding apps and files. Arguments have raged in most tech publications and user forums mostly hammering Microsoft for taking away the familiar and a few supporting the new paradigm.

The reality is that many longtime Windows users are uncomfortable with the lack of a Start button, especially for desktop users who prefer the old, familiar Desktop UI.

InformationWeek says:

One of the more annoying aspects of using Windows 8 is the need to switch back and forth between the Desktop to the Start screen to do simple stuff, such as searching the hard drive for a file or tracking down a legacy Windows program.

One solution is to install one of a growing number of third-party utilities such as Classic Start 8, which brings a Windows 7-style Start menu to the Desktop. It provides quick access to programs and files and a faster way to shut down your PC than the multi-step Windows 8 method, which is a bit confusing.

Classic Start 8 os easy to use and works seamlessly with Windows 8, with which it shares a common look and feel.

My personal opinion is that Microsoft should have provided a Start Button or at least, the option of installing one. To turn a tin ear towards millions of customers leads invariably to what we see – namely the proliferation of 3rd-party fixes of variable quality and some dissatisfied customers.

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