Microsoft have confirmed that another high profile app is set for arrival on Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone very soon. Modern Combat 5: Blackout launches July 24 on the Windows Store.

And a mobile version will also go live on the Windows Phone Store the same day.

For those of you out of the loop, Modern Combat 5: Blackout is one of the most anticipated mobile games of the year, continuing the series from Gameloft. Pricing details are not available as of right now, but more information should be provided on the eve of launch.

This is what Redmond has to say on this:

“Your wait will soon be over! Today, Gameloft has announced that Modern Combat 5: Blackout will be available for download on both Windows and Windows Phone on July 24th, just a few days away. The game looks pretty amazing.”

The game is looking pretty amazing indeed, as the accompanying artwork so aptly confirms.

Microsoft followed this announcement, with more good news:

“Gameloft also just announced that all of their Gameloft HD titles in 2014 will release immediately on the Windows Store and Windows Phone Store.”

Chances are that the app will come as a universal application, meaning users will be able to purchase it once and play it on all their Windows powered devices. Only a couple of days remain in launch, then, and expect more on this amazing title soon

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  • John Howe

    What kind of game is this? A 1st person shooter type like call of duty I’m guessing? If so, I expect it to be a huge hit.