The question of how low can you go for Windows 8.1 tablets has been answered. The MOMO7W slate has taken things to a radical new low, and is priced at just $48.

That’s the price of a good meal. Or two.

Microsoft seems to have finally pulled off its strategy of matching and outdoing low priced Android devices, as vendors have found new ways to reduce the price of these mobile units. This one, of course, comes from China.

And gives you a 1024 x 600 pixel display in a 7-inch form factor, to go with 1GB of RAM, an HDMI out and SD card slot, all powered by an Intel Atom Bay Trail chip.

Look beyond the hardware specifications, and you will find a lot of functionality at this price point.

It also comes with a free subscription to Office 365 or one year, which itself costs more than double the price of this slate. Microsoft currently charges $99 for access to its popular cloud powered suite of productivity applications.

The MOMO7W costs just 299 yuan in China, and while there is no confirmation on whether it will make its way out of the country anytime soon, there are ways to import the device.

However, the bigger question is whether Windows powered hardware can go even lower than this $48 price point. We shall find out soon enough, I guess.

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    Very nice, I want to see more Windows tablet in Indonesia

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    Lets see, go to lunch or buy a new tablet?