Few would deny that the OneDrive for Windows Phone app could use more options and features. There always is room for improvements on official clients on mobile devices.

Microsoft recently provided this app with a revised user interface, via a new update that makes the application a little glossier, a little shinier. But it appears that some users are finding all this eye candy a little too confusing, and want the company to streamline the UI of the app further.

Lucky for them, Microsoft is listening.

The UserVoice feedback platform for OneDrive holds a lot of complaints that point to problems that users are encountering with the new interface of the application.

In particular, the big blue bar across the top is considered rather distracting.

Redmond has responded to these comments, and has promised that future versions of OneDrive for Windows Phone will bring the needed changes in this regard:

“We’ve heard the feedback on the new UI in our latest update to the Windows Phone app. We’re in the process of improving the usability and polish of our app. Expect to see changes in our next update.”

No other specifics have been provided, but hey, at least those in charge are listening.

Needless to say, users above were pleasantly surprised by the quick response they got. Refreshing indeed. Now all they have to do is wait for future versions of the app to arrive, and hope for the best.

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