And this is a good sign, believe it or not. Channeling a little Robert Ripley here! There is no shortage of people calling Windows 8 the new Vista, what with the modern operating system failing to take off.

But with the arrival of Windows 8.1, them more pressing matter was why people failed to upgrade to the newest release — what with it being free and all. There was a point in time when Windows 8 had a substantial amount of users to its name.

Luckily, these users have started to make the move to Windows 8.1.

And with the most recent version of the operating system adding more direct users (and those that are upgrading from Windows XP and Windows 7), things are looking pretty neat for the platform.

The news here, however, is that Windows 8 vanilla, the core OS, is quickly losing users.

Launched in October 2012, the modern operating system now has a market share of 3.57%, according to this latest data from StatCounter. And Vista? That version sits at 4.17% in this table, far behind other flavors of Windows at this point.

Just for the record, Windows XP is in third place with 9.82%, Windows 8.1 the second with 15.68% to its name, while Windows 7 still holds the most commanding of leads with 54.05%.

Both Windows 8 and Windows Vista are losing users, and by the time Windows 10 is here, both versions of the operating system are expected to drop to even lower levels in terms of worldwide market share.

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  • Mike Greenway

    “But with the arrival of Windows 8.1, them more pressing matter was why people failed to upgrade to the newest release — what with it being free and all.” Why people fail to upgrade is no mystery, have a little more empathy for the entire spectrum of the population and the answer is clear.

  • SoylentGreenIP

    Vista was not as bad as people make it out to be, when 7 came out it, it was what Vista should have been to start with. The same with 8, it should have been closer to 8.1 or even 10. Microsoft just seems to put out the OS’s too soon. What really made 8 stink is the lack of desktop support, aka start menu. Windows 8/8.1 works great on tablets, having android tablets before, I would not go back to them after using my Lenovo Windows 8 tablet.

  • dubbaYous

    Windows 10 isn’t even to the masses and you are perceiving the numbers to be lowering. People like you are the reason Windows 8 was such “a failure”. There was nothing wrong with it just people fell for the doom and gloom of the media. I have had a pc and tablets with Win8 and enjoyed it since it came out. Windows had a fresh idea and the media slaughtered it.