More Press invites – Microsoft are having a Windows Phone 8 event in San Francisco on October 29th

Microsoft has started sending invites to members of the press for a Windows Phone 8 event in San Francisco on October 29th.

This event could be the definitive unveiling of previously secret features of Windows Phone 8.

In addition to the Microsoft Surface event, invites like this mean that October will be a very busy month…

  • Yada Yada Yada

    I like your articles, but please get your singular/plural use right. Or at least, consistent within your own articles. I do enjoy your articles, except for this terrible writing.

    Title: “Microsoft are having…” (wrong)
    First sentence: “Microsoft has started…” (correct)

    Yes, this is important coming from a journalist. I have posted links before indicating a company is an entity, a single entity. It can have many people, but you have to state that. (ex: The people at Microsoft are having…)

    Sorry to rant, but your articles are very hard to read because of this.

    Yes, it is important a journalist knows how to write.

    • Onuora Amobi

      So grateful for your feedback.

      The odds of me paying attention to this in the future…

      Not too good mate…