More rumors about Windows 9 and Project Blue

Rumors are out regarding Microsoft’s development of Windows 9 and the new mysterious project codenamed “Blue”.

Apparently, there are now two Microsoft teams working on both projects.

Blue will be an addition to Windows 8 while Windows Next or Windows 9 will obviously be the next Operating System.


Source: Winunleaked.

  • Ervin Kass

    Enough of this crap when Windows 8 still not availadle and now Windows 9 ?
    Get one OS working right and don’t forget all the updates that will follow after the release of 8 is avail., in the stores. Maybe stay away from 8 and wait for Windows 9 ! Sounds like a money grab to me and for me I will stay with Windows 7.

    • Kyopsis

      What sounds like a money grab exactly? coming out with a new os? did you think they were gonna make windows 7 and say “ok all done! no more OS releases!” Wake up guy, of course theyre working on the next one, just like every single one before it! when you had XP did you freak out when they were making Vista and said you were gonna skip to 7? or when 95 came out were people freaking out about 98 and said they were gonna wait for 2000? your comment honestly makes no sense, pretty sure any tech company is always gonna work on the next version

    • Jason Deveau

      8 was $40. doesn’t sound like much of a money grab to me. I like 8. Interested to see what 9 will be all about.

  • Kerry Dean Teverbaugh

    I completely agree it is not a money grab and Microsoft has made a great operating system with 8.

  • roundabout

    I hate windows 8 and hopefully life will be better with windows 9. I am just going to wait this out and try to make peace with 8… so sorry I lost my windows 7 (perfect 7!) computer! Stuck with this “mind of its own” machine!)… till 2014!