When it comes to Microsoft tablets, the Surface Mini has undoubtedly been the most elusive of the bunch. Talk about this smaller and affordable tablet, first started back in late 2012.

Rumors picked up last year, and while many expected the new device might launch alongside the second generation Surface lineup, Redmond decided otherwise. But we finally have a press event scheduled for the Surface Mini, as was reported today.

Now some new reports about the tablet have, well, surfaced.

Paul Thurrott believes that the OneNote application will get a prominent role in this new device, and this is what will differentiate the Surface Mini from other similar tablets on the market.

In fact, a high-quality stylus and some very accurate note-taking abilities are said to be the hallmark.

Obviously, the focus being on taking notes could only mean one thing — the kickstand will become markedly less prominent. Word is that the Surface Mini will come with a cover that will work as kickstand, meaning a bit of a departure from the current situation is on order.

Other than that, most other pointers are on targets.

The device will be powered by Windows RT 8.1 (with the latest update installed), come with an 8-inch display, and is poised to be notably more affordable than the Surface 2. How much, you ask?

Anything under $299 is a safe guess.

Same can be said of the release date. While the press event is set for May 20, several voices peg the actual launch a few weeks after the official unveiling. June, then?

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  1. Wouldn’t be a bad release date going into the summer. Can market it as an affordable back-to-school or off to college tablet. It better be under $300 as you suggested though.

  2. Almost 2 years in the making! The sooner the better at this point. There’s no excuse for this not to be good when it comes out though. They’ve had plenty of time.

  3. FINALLY! I’ve been waiting for some news on this. If it comes out in June, I’ll be ecstatic. I just hope the price is under 299 as you are speculating.

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