Oh boy, oh boy, this was fast! Microsoft efforts to promote app development for Windows 8 seems to have rekindled interest in coding for the new platform, as the Windows Store just hit another important milestone.

Microsoft’s flagship apps repository now offers sixty thousand unique apps, the majority of them with a freeware license. It was not all that long ago when the Store crossed the milestone of fifty thousand.

This was confirmed by MetroStore Scanner, the unofficial service that keeps tab on the number of applications available in the Windows Store. As of April 18, 2013, the total apps tally at this website amounts to 60,867.

Keep in mind that these numbers concern the global app count in total — local stores actually offer fewer apps to download, and this varies from market to market, country to country.

Redmond obviously does not release any official numbers (at least not now) on the apps it has published in the Windows Store. Chances are that this may change once the software giant has a big enough number to throw around.

Say, a hundred thousand apps?

Nevertheless, the number of applications approved for the Windows Store has seen a steady increase in the past couple of weeks. Microsoft has been hard at work convincing developers to not only code original apps but also port their current software solutions to the platform.

And the efforts seem to be paying off with increased hustle and bustle in the Windows Store.

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