It stands to the reason that the first major upgrade to Microsoft’s newest operating system has been designed taking into account all sorts of customer feedback.

The various leaked builds have shown us that Redmond is focusing on small things that matter.

And the results have started pleasing analysts and market watchers. Many now believe that the Windows Blue (or Windows 8.1 for that matter) upgrade that is set to launch in a few months is increasingly likely to boost customer demand for touch-enabled devices.

Morgan Stanley analysts look like they are in the delighted camp. In a short note for investors, the organization wrote some positive words for Microsoft’s new platform:

“Windows 8 gives Microsoft an improved story on tablets, a new leg of rev. growth and downstream opps. for synergy with phones. A quicker release cadence with Win ‘Blue’ and better availability of touch-enabled devices in FY14 should improve cons. Demand.”

Even taking into account all the spelling and grammatical errors in the note above, it seems that Windows Blue is shaping up to be a real contender. The analysts believe that this major upgrade will fix a lot of issues that end consumers experience with Windows 8.

What this means for the touchscreen devices is that their adoption could potentially skyrocket after launch of Windows 8.1. Particularly if the recent reports of price cuts of touchscreen devices holds true.

Microsoft has already outlined a major discount plan in order to bring cheaper units to the market.

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