Recently we reported on how Microsoft was receiving some pressure from the EU due to their decision to hold off putting a “browser ballot” screen on Windows 7. The EU said it was something they should have to do, but Microsoft decided that doing it for XP and Vista had been enough.

Finally, Microsoft has returned the box through an update but now it seems that Mozilla might be preparing to take legal action against Microsoft because of “lost sales”.

According to Mozilla, they claim that Microsoft not using the browser ballot box caused them to lose a significant number of sales and that “daily Firefox downloads decreased by 63% to a low of 20,000”, now that the menu is back? They are getting 50,000 a day and so they believe 6 to 9 million browser downloads were lost as a result of Microsoft not complying with the browser ballet system.

Microsoft continues to affirm they didn’t purposely leave out the web browser menu and that it was glitch. It remains seen whether the EU will move on now that the box is back in place or if Microsoft will be slapped with a huge fine for noncompliance.

As far as Mozilla’s complaint goes, I’m sorry but it’s totally stupid. I’m a Firefox user and this more than annoys me. If you want people to download your browser, create a better product and advertise it. Don’t rely on the “browser ballot” to get you by. That’s just my opinion but Mozilla seems to have become rather whiny as of late. What do you think?

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  • Rodney Longoria

    Mozilla’s users would know where to go to install the browser regardless if it was in the Ballot or not. I know I would. Sheesh!

    Here’s the deal. I only use Google’s Chrome and Microsoft’s IE browsers, and though I like Firefox I don’t use it. Why these choices and not Firefox? Well, I’m deeply invested in Google’s products so I use Chrome for those. The same goes for IE with Microsoft products. What does Firefox bring to the table besides their browser? As far as I know, nada! I don’t use Yahoo’s products these days either, because their current products just aren’t as hip anymore. If I chat, I use Skype and have long since dumped Yahoo Messenger for all the crap that came with it. Same with their email. I was getting spammed to death there. No thanks!