The fine folks over at Mozilla already confirmed the development of dedicated version of Firefox for Windows 8 (with a snappy Metro interface, obviously) and now they have let out a little more information about the project.

Apparently, Mozilla plans on building a single executable file for Firefox containing both the desktop and the Modern (or Metro, if you want it that way) user interface versions of the popular browser.

This new version will be intended for Windows 8 — however it can also be used on older versions of Microsoft’s operating system, including Windows 7 and Windows XP.

Mozilla confirmed this in a little chitchat with V3, where a company spokesperson said:

“The team is at work building a browser for the Metro environment, but we don’t have new test builds to share at the moment. Our plan is to have a single Firefox executable that will offer users both the classic browser interface as well as one tailored for Metro.”

Seems logical enough, and a single build would definitely save a lot of fuss that would have come with multiple installers and multiple versions of the browser.

As you may already be aware, a very early test build of Firefox was already made available that runs in the Metro UI, but the company is no way near on outing the official release date of the final version.

The test version looks quite good, and the more adventurous among you can go ahead and download the preview version of Firefox, and check how things are shaping up.

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