MSI S100 Bay Trail Windows 8.1 Hybrid Goes Official

You may have seen the name MSI on graphics card, gaming hardware and gaming laptops, but the company is also a provider of business solutions. And a tablet maker too.

The Taiwanese company has officially announced a budget, quad-core Windows 8.1 device, powered by an Intel Bay Trail quad-core processor. Interestingly, the company calls it a 3-in-1 design, but from the looks of it, it is a standard tablet/laptop hybrid.

Going by the name of MSI S100, the 10.1-inch slate offers a rather insipid resolution of 1280 by 800 pixels, but the 2GB of RAM and a capacious 64GB of internal storage makes up for it.

You also get two 2 megapixel cameras, an HDMI port, WiFi and Bluetooth.

And it also comes with a keyboard and protective cover, though there is no information on whether these two accessories come part of the package. One would assume at least the keyword would, hence the hybrid classification.

Overall, seems to be a rather barebones package, but this is, nevertheless, another welcome addition to the Windows 8.1 hardware family. From an established hardware vendor to boot. Micro-Star International is a popular brand in several markets, after all.

A price tag for the MSI S100 is currently unavailable. What this device will be sold at will determine whether this is a good deal or not. But some good numbers here could well make this a success.

  • Emily Williams

    Cool seems like a nice product to me for a hybrid! I know there’s no price tag on it, but I’d be willing to pay $800 for it probably.

    • terry10

      Agree with the first part. Although I think the most I’d be willing to pay for this hybrid is $500-$600.