Microsoft’s quest to land a new CEO has taken another turn this time, with a new report claiming that the board has now decided on the two lead runners for the vacant position.

Bloomberg is reporting that Ford’s Alan Mulally is still the leading candidate for the post and he is now joined by internal candidate Satya Nadella — these two are now the two main men to take over from Steve Ballmer once he retires.

Do keep in mind that the report above cites sources familiar with the matter, and no official statements have been provided any information on this. Additionally, it appears that Tony Bates and former Nokia boss Stephen Elop are still in the race, though just not in leading position.

But the above is nowhere near the most surprising bit in the story.

Insiders are also hinting that the search could very well expand a bit, with some new people coming into the picture. However, no specifics have been provided on this particular suggestion.

Anyway, Ford representatives have once again refused to comment on these recent reports in the media, saying that Alan Mulally will stay with the automaker till 2014 at least — which come to think of it is just a month or so away.

All other internal candidates have also not released any statements on the matter.

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