A really great article on CIO.com by Shane O’Neill.

He talks about some of the challenges facing Windows 8 adoption by both the enterprise and the general public.

A quote:

I still feel strongly that Windows 8 will be a hard sell on PCs and, to a lesser extent, tablets. On the PC side, Windows 8 does not offer a persuasive case to upgrade from the well-liked Windows 7, other than upgrading by default when you replace aging PCs. Metro-based Windows 8 is designed for the multi-touch capability of a tablet and does not add much value to the laptop/desktop experience.

Windows 8 should be a more compelling option on tablets. But there are still roadblocks, mainly iPad ubiquity and an over-reliance on the unproven Metro user interface. The Metro look and feel has been spread all over Windows Phones, and Windows Phones have made very little progress.

I agree with a lot of the points in the post with one major exception.

I think that it’s a little early to be pre-judging what Windows 8 will look and feel like when finished.

A whole lot can change from one OS to another (remember Vista?).

This is the main reason that I am going to scrutinize the Windows 8 Beta or Windows 8 Consumer Preview so seriously.

The truth is, if that feels like a loser, the odds will be strong that the RTM’d product will feel the same way as well. Of course the reverse will also be true.

It’s a good article and you can read it here…

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