My early morning run in with Steven Sinofsky

So this morning, I went to Dennys in Anaheim to get some breakfast at 6am.

I live in Pasadena and wanted to get an early start this morning before the Keynote began.

Guess who walks in? Steven Sinofsky! With a freakin Windows 8 tablet!

I almost dropped my coffee…

He walked in and I said to him “Like seeing a ghost”..

He smiled like.. “Dear God.. I can’t even get breakfast”

I was cool though.. I fought the temptation to snag a couple of pictures of him and his breakfast..

Before I left, I turned to him and said “Good luck, only a few billion people pressure”

Once again, the smile…

What a way to start day 2.

  • Ahmed Nefzaoui

    hahahaha niiiiiiiice why didn’t you took some pictures :/

  • Shane Ekanayake

    maaan u ar soo lucky
    if i were u i would grab that win 8 tab and run like hell 😛