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There was a lot of hype created on the web about the mysterious launch event of Microsoft. Rumors were prevailing that Microsoft was going to launch its own tablet and that’s what happened.

In Los Angeles, Microsoft revealed their new tablet which is named “Surface”.

During the presentation, Steve Ballmer, CEO Microsoft was very excited. He explained it as one of the biggest innovations of Microsoft.

He was correct to a great extent. The Surface tablet is an awesome piece of hardware, which has been designed with great engineering.

The tablet will be launched in two variants:

  1. Windows RT tablet
  2. Windows 8 Pro Tablet

Microsoft have put in great efforts on every aspect of the tablet.

There are so many exciting features present in the tablet that will make you say Wow.

One of those is the integrated stand – I really loved it.

Carrying a stand with the tablet is a bit difficult and adds an extra weight on your bag. So Microsoft designed it in such a way that the stand comes pre-fitted with the tablet.

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Actually it is a part of the tablet and can be opened/closed at any time, making the device very easy to carry. The tablet is extremely thin and light.

The best part is that it’s powered by Windows RT and Windows 8.

The Windows 8 Pro tablets will be very useful for the business users who want power computing with mobility as it could run all the powerful desktop apps such as Photoshop and can also run all the metro apps, making it an All-in-One solution.

Windows RT tablets are good for those who are planning to do light work on it. These tablets are powered by cloud and have a powerful processor. Microsoft will also offer a keyboard/cover for this tablet.

This cover has a great inbuilt keyboard with a trackpad, allowing the user to use the tablet as a netbook.

This is one of the boldest and greatest step of Microsoft in the hardware sector. With the Surface tablet, Microsoft will give a great competition to the iPad.

I am pretty sure that after the Xbox this product will also rock the market.

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  1. The Windows 8 Pro tablet will also include all of the problems carried over by each version of Windows – viruses, malware, slowness as the hard drive fills up, hard drive crashes, driver issues, etc.

    No thanks, Micro$oft!

    • this isn’t the year 2000 dumbass… 

    • Glad I don’t own a piece of iCrap.  Viruses seem to be refocusing on easier meat because of all of the experience that they’ve been giving MS. 

      Time to leave the iZombies behind.

      •  I think those losers who use $ are not isheeps , they are actully Linux losers
        itards use other tricks for trolling.

        • I think you still see it in the old apple fans from back when Apple wasnt doing well.  They still have a chip on their sholders, but they seem to think that now Apple is doing well, they are vindicated for such nonsense.

    • did u ever tried the w8 previews? i didn’t see any slowness.
      viruses and malware? ever heard about security software?

    • Being stuck in the past is hardly a good way to be persuasive.  If you got this impression and went to Mac 10 years ago and liked it and just stayed, that would be understandable.  But going around pushing this idea long after everyone else knows better doesnt speak highly of your intelligence.  We know, it is cool to bash MS in the Apple Camp.  But a word of advice, unwarranted bashing does not make you look cool.

    • I havent had a virus in years. Unless your a porn heavy user that should no longer be an issue.

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