My Windows 8 Fun in Las Vegas

So on October 12th, I was at the Rio hotel in Lovely Las Vegas as a round table speaker for the SMB Nation 2012 Fall Conference.

This was a really well organized and fun event and it was a pleasure to be invited (Thanks Harry!)

The plan was that I, Tony Bradley (from PC World) and a couple of others would do a round table and discuss Windows 8 for an hour.

Well, it was even more exciting than that because it turned out that Tony and I had the floor to ourselves. We got to speak to a room packed with curious small business owners and IT professionals.

It was a great discussion and Harry was kind enough to share the video of the session with us.

We took questions about all things Windows 8 and it was a lot of fun. Without further ado, here it is.

The audio kicks in around 6:40.