Satya Nadella made a bit of a faux pas, a gaffe of sorts when at the Grace Hopper Celebration where he spoke on the topic of gender pay gap and how big companies are working to close it.

His answer however was rather poorly worded, where it was felt that he implied that even if women are making less than men, they should sit tight and trust that the system will take care of them one day automatically. Comments like this are more than enough to rile up rights group.

And long story short, feminists took the Microsoft CEO to task over this.

However, the man quickly apologized, for what he calls an ill-advised choice of words, and wants people to know that he’s actually doing something to improve things.

In a memo he sent out to employees, Nadella explains that even though there are no significant gender pay gap at Microsoft, steps still need to be taken to attain complete equality between genders and races at the software titan:

“One of the answers I gave at the conference was generic advice that was just plain wrong. I apologize. For context, I had received this advice from my mentors and followed it in my own career. I do believe that at Microsoft in general good work is rewarded, and I have seen it many times here.”

The CEO says that the gender pay gap at Microsoft is within the 0.5% mark, meaning a woman makes only 0.5% less on average than a man hired on the same position.

However, this much is clear that the Redmond boss is willing to go the distance to make amends.

More power to him!

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