Not too long ago, Nascar launched a Windows 8 app of its own. This was an app made for fans to keep up with the latest news for the sport. While this was cool, NASCAR’s latest endeavor is even more unique.

Toyota Racing Development has crafted a custom Windows 8 application that will be used by North American racing teams, including the RAB NASCAR racing team.

So what is this app exactly? It is designed to allow a team’s drivers and crew to view lap times, performance stats and more on a mobile tablet instead of using a laptop. The Trackside app also is designed specifically for crew chiefs to view lap times of competing racers.

The app will show up for the first time at RAB Racing during the Daytona 500 in February of 2013. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen businesses and organizations use custom, private Windows Store apps and it proves that Windows Store is much more capable than some give it credit for.

With the future of the desktop component of Windows looking uncertain, it is important to know that Windows Store apps and the new Start UI are more than capable of being used for more “complex” apps that you might traditionally associate with a desktop program instead.

What do you think of the START UI apps so far? Could the Metro/Start UI someday be up to the task of replacing the desktop completely?

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