Although there are many that argue that there is little need of folders on Windows Phone, considering the included Start Screen does a pretty neat job of managing apps and files.

However, Redmond is ready to bring native folder support to Windows Phone 8.1.

According to some new information posted on the Windows Phone website, that has since been removed, users will be able to make folders on their Start Screens. Luckily, NokiaPowerUser was able to get in on the details on the procedure, and even save a screenshot.

This is what the listing on Microsoft’s website states:

“Folders help you keep your Start screen organized by letting you group Tile the way you like. For example, you have a folder with all your games or one with your favorite apps. It’s completely up to you.

Your phone might even already have a folder on the Start screen, such as a Music and videos folders. After you create a folder, you can name it, move it, resize it, and or remove Tiles from it whenever you want.”

Pretty standard stuff — yet rather delightfully pleasing.

It is actually possible to create folders on Windows Phone 8 thanks to an app developed by Nokia, but that process is far from intuitive. Native support, really, is the way to go, and it is good to see Microsoft bringing it to the mobile operating system.

Now some official details on this handy feature would be rather welcome, I say.

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  1. As you said, it’s simple but very cool and nice to have. An easy customization tool to help people organize their phone how they want to.

  2. Good move

  3. Is dis coming with the upcoming 8.1 update? Or later as a separate update?

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