Nature’s forced blogging break

As you all may have noticed, the blog updates slowed down over the last few days.

That’s primarily because we got hit by the Santa Ana windstorms that rocked Pasadena recently. The storms were clocked at over 105 miles an hour, brought down powerlines and caused a power outage in the area.

All’s good now but I took some pictures of the carnage so you could see what the heck happened.

Tree in road smashes truck in half
Tree in road smashes truck in half

You can see what that tree did to my neighbors truck.

pulled from roots
pulled from roots

Imagine what kind of wind force is required to do this…

Truck close up
Truck close up

Funny story, he told me that he usually would sit in his truck while he was on his cellphone. Trust me, if he was doing that on that night, he would be in a coffin now.

move wall back
move wall back

Last of all, check out how the wind was so strong that it moved a concrete wall back several inches. It’s nuts..

Well, that was a lot of excitement for a few days but drama over. Time to get back to work.

Windows 8 Beta is coming soon. I’ll be in Vegas next month to hear what Mr. Ballmer has to say.

Stay tuned…

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  • Roastizard D Collins

    I am USING windows 8 right now…Any way I can help? Oh Bad luck on the wind damage.

  • Jo Goode

    Wow!  So glad you are OK!

  • Indra Nawawi Daeng Parani

    Dear Onuora,

    What a messy done by Stormbringer, I wonder why so many disasters shown on the media, is it really true that our Earth is trying to form a new shape by destructions in most part of the world, or is it a deceptions? What I see on the picture is that some have to release part of the budget for repairing, and it happened to my dell inspiron 8600, now I add an additional extra disk that plays an important roll in the computer technology to backups my usefull files. When ever disaster strike to my Windows Programe, I still have the backups files. I hope you are okey Mr. Onuora. Thank you.

  • Robind

    So much for the truck having a hard body, what a mess 🙁 i don’t see him parking under a tree again.