Neowin have a preview of the upcoming Windows 8 Tablet

Neowin have received news from Dell that they will be launching a new Windows 8 Tablet.


As you can see from the slide above, we are looking at a 10.8 inch tablet, 1366×768 resolution, dual core Atom processor, fingerprint reader, Intel graphics (x86 tablet folks),
2 GB of ram, 128 GB SSD and of course it will be running Windows 8. We should note that it looks a lot like the Dell Latitude ST, naturally the specs have been upgraded
and it will run Windows 8.

The drumbeat continues…


  • Thomas

    This is going to be awesome

  • Ezekiel Carsella

    price it at $400 add a docking keyboard for $100 extra and I will buy a external tv tuner and runs Windows 8 not RT and I am the happiest man alive