That makes it this coming Monday. Boy that was fast. The flagship version for Windows 8 will be out in a few days’ time, but the version for Windows RT, iOS and Android are still a few leagues away.

The way developer Futuremark actually made it sound  a couple of weeks back, felt like the benchmarking software was late by fair while, but nice to see things falling into place. Several Windows 8 Pro tablets are slated for later this year, and they could use some graphical benchmarking tools.

Soon you will be able to test just how powerful your desktop computer, laptop, ultrabook, even the upcoming Surface Pro tablet really is.

According to a press release by the developer this new version fuses together a set of in-app features along with online web services to get a better understanding of a particular hardware performance. Three new tests are including in the upcoming version — Fire Strike, Fire Strike Extreme and Cloud Gate.

For supported components 3DMark also records frames per second (FPS), GPU and CPU temperatures plus CPU power and clock speed while the benchmark is running.

It also includes interactive performance graphs that allow users to zoom in, pan and focus on specific parts of a benchmark results. Nifty!

While February 4 is just upon us, the company is yet to unveil pricing for the new 3DMark versions.

Versions for Windows RT, iOS and Android are still set for 2013 showing, but developed did not oust a specific release date. One released, they will make 3DMark a benchmark tool that covers (almost) all hardware and devices, mobile or otherwise.

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