Microsoft might be working on another new smartphone. Windows Phone leaks just don’t stop, and here we have details of a new member of the family. A 5-inch device.

Little is known about this new piece of hardware.

Meaning it could well be something that Microsoft is creating, or a new phone developed by one of its partners. Either way, these images from China show that the display has a Windows logo for the home key, along with the standard back and search buttons on the front.

The source, however, claims that this is the anticipated Lumia 1030, a new flagship, which although has been in the news here and there, hasn’t been truly confirmed.

For now, we’ll file this under rumors.

More solid intelligence is available on the Lumia 940, including reported specifications that made their way to the web not too long ago. But even that device is a while away, expected to launch sometimes in the middle of next year.

Maybe even closer to the launch of Windows Phone 10, or whatever the next version of Microsoft’s fledgling mobile OS is called.

Spin it this way, and it could well be the Lumia 1030, as Redmond might opt to launch the brand new series only in 2015. If this one makes it out in the next few weeks, it could well be the successor to the fan favorite Lumia 1020. We’ll just have to wait and see.

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  1. Nice. This needs to come out this year though. A long with a new 1020 and 1520

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