We aren’t getting numbers on the Surface RT sales yet, but we have heard from Steve Ballmer that the Surface RT is doing well.

We’ve also seen large lines at many Microsoft Store locations that seem to indicate that there is a very real demand for the tablet. Now we have 3rd party data from an online ad network that suggest that the Windows RT-based device is the most popular Windows 8/RT device on the market so far.

AdDuplex runs a network of cross-promotional ads specifically for the new Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 apps, and so this has allowed them to gather some numbers about what percent of Win 8/RT devices are Surface tablets. Keep in mind that this isn’t going to give us exact numbers, since it relies on apps that use the ad network.

It’s possible that many users simply don’t use apps that don’t advertise with the AdDuplex network.

Still, 11 percent of apps that access the network come from Surface RT. Not bad at all. This makes the Surface RT the single most popular Windows 8/RT device.

That said 81% of the market are in “the other” category. That means Pcs/laptops/tablets from a wider variety of companies or even from upgrades from Windows 7.

Either way, the Surface RT seems to be having a good start so far. What do you think?

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