Microsoft has been calling Internet Explorer the browser you loved to hate since version 10. The slogan has featured in many of the company’s videos ads, emphasizing that IE is now finally a modern browser.

And with Internet Explorer 11 Release Preview officially released for Windows 7 users yesterday, Redmond has unleashed its brand new video commercial for its flagship web browser. The idea behind this video is quite similar to the ones that have come before it.

People that don’t particularly like Internet Explorer are given a chance to check out the latest version in this ad dubbed Rethink Your Relationship With Internet Explorer.

Take a look at the video below:

This is another in the long line of real life ads that Microsoft has put up to showcase its products.

And just as you would expect, people have a change of heart when they take the newest versions of Internet Explorer for a test drive and try out the new features and improvements it brings. Support for the Modern UI in Windows 8 that newer versions of Internet Explorer offer seem to seal the deal.

Internet Explorer 11 is now finally upon us, and is set for general availability along with Windows 8.1 when it officially launches on October 18.

As this fun little ad, watch it above and share your thoughts on it in the comments.

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  1. It’s great commercial, but I yet to find anyone who has said “I used it when I was younger” or something to that effect. Most people I know, who are not tech people, say they’re using another browser because a tech person suggested it to them, they went on Google and it told them to download Chrome, something they installed downloaded Chrome and made it default, or some website or school interface they went on told them to use Chrome or Firefox

    • Watch the commercial again. There IS someone who said they used it ‘when they were younger’. But to be fair, EVERYONE in the commercial is YOUNG! (obviously, the target audience for this commercial). But you are right about the tech recommendation. The Techs thought they were cutting edge, but Chrome and Firefox turned out to be a cheap substitute because some website didn’t display right. But this commercial shows some INCREDIBLE things in IE 11. Whoa! Amazing. IE 11 will leave Chrome rusting and Firefox burned to a crisp……

      • I know. Yes, someone said it in the commercial. What I’m saying is I’ve never talked to someone in real life that basically said “I used IE a long time ago.” Most people know IE or “the little blue E.” If you put the average person who doesn’t know much about all the various browsers on a computer with the top 5 browser icons on the taskbar as say “go to the Internet” the majority of people are gong to click in the IE icon. That’s why I find it hard to believe that Chrome is actually the number 1 browser out there. And I also question how since Google search is probably used by 80% of PC users on a daily basis, how is it constantly suggesting that you download Chrome any different than Microsoft putting an IE icon on the desktop?

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