Microsoft’s search engine is getting smarter at a steady pace. The company regularly rolls out new updates for the service, and this new Bing update bring along the most expected of features.

Yes, conversation capabilities similar to Cortana, the digital voice assistant.

Bing, like Cortana, is very much a platform upon which Microsoft can build upon. The company seems to be fully aware of this, and this new level of functionality to the search service build upon the natural interaction that Redmond first released for Cortana.

Think of this as a version of Cortana that is based solely on text. Bing will now be aware of what you are looking for, based on your prior search. You can engage with the search engine as you would during a conversation, with the service being aware of the previous context.

The company illustrates this perfectly:

“Now, not only will give you the answer directly in the search results, but we will also continue the conversation. For instance, you can ask “who is the president of the united states”, we will show you the answer. From there you might ask, “who is his wife” or “how tall is he.” Bing maintains the context and keeps the conversation moving forward.”

If this sounds like a small part of something bigger, then it certainly is.

Microsoft promises a lot of improvements to this new ability in the near and upcoming future, while noting that this is just the beginning.

But enhancements and features like this sure are the reason why Bing is making steady (if slow) strides against the sheer dominance of Google Search, while other search engines are at a standstill. Perfectly acceptable way to chip away the massive lead of the supreme competitor.

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  1. I have discovered The August Update does not allow the use of Alt + Numberpad ASCII Key Combinations in IE-11 or in Chrome. I use these on a daily basis, so I check my laptop which I had not installed the August on yet and the Alt + Numberpad ASCII Key Combos worked fine.

  2. Awesome! Bing is better than google in my opinion right now! I think it’s only a matter of time before it closes the gap! 🙂

    • Agree actually. The issue is that the majority still doesn’t yet. Bing needs to make a major push in the next few years or Microsoft will not keep operating it at the loss it’s currently running at.

  3. This is great. Microsoft is making improvements all over the place. I just wonder why it is so difficult to give Bing in other countries the same features and functionality as the U.S. version

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