New Black Friday Deals For Surface RT Announced By Microsoft

New Black Friday Deals For Surface RT Announced By Microsoft

This much is clear that Microsoft is ready to clear out remaining inventories of the original Surface RT in order to focus on the second generation tablets and LTE models that are expected to arrive next year.

For this reason, the company made the announcement to sell the Surface RT for $199 on Black Friday.

And as expected, Microsoft is not the only company parting the slate at this price. Several other Redmond partners are also discounting the Windows RT powered tablet. Interestingly, the menu is full of a mouthwatering variety, as you will see below.

But first things first. The company rolled out a statement earlier today, officially announcing the various deals, while at the same time sprinkling a little praise on the device:

“Life is less complicated with once device that’s great for entertainment, for gaming, and for getting work done. Whether it’s studying for a college midterm with OneNote, staying ahead of e-mail and managing your calendar with Outlook, or relaxing at home catching up on your favorite TV shows with Xbox Video or Netflix, Surface is the single device that allows you to do all that and more.”

So anyway, different partners have put up different deals for the Surface RT on Black Friday.

Best Buy, for example, will also sell the Surface for $199 just like Microsoft Stores. This is the standard 32GB model, by the way. However those of you that visit Staples on Black Friday can grab the 32GB Surface with a black Touch Cover for $249.

Walmart, on the other hand, is offering the 64GB Surface RT with a black Touch Cover at a sweet, sweet price of $249. Hit up the link above for the full details and timings of these promotions.

  • Ray C

    Just like some carriers are offering discounts for people who get both a Lumia phone and tablet. Microsoft should do the same for people who get a Lumia phone and Surface. They could offer discounts for people who get a mobile broadband plan from one of these carriers on a Surface. Heck offer a discount on Surface and Surface 2 if someone buys one of each.

  • Ray C

    They also need to offer black Friday deals on first generation covers. Heck I’d get both if the deals would last beyond black Friday.

  • Sammy Kim

    I ordered the surface bundle from Walmart for $249 and just got it today. To my surprise it was not the 64GB as advertised but the 32GB. I guess they can advertise something and then ship you something else.