Windows 8.1 is now out in the wild, and with the yearend shopping season fast approaching Microsoft is slowly looking to ramp up the marketing of not just the new operating system, but also various devices that it powers, in-house or third-party.

The company has just published yet another Windows 8.1 commercial.

This new ad tries to show that a small tablet running the new OS is a perfect companion in tight and constricted places — including those pesky small airplane seats. Productivity, in all places, at all times seems to the motto here, and it is very appropriately illustrated.

Take a look at the video below:

Additionally, this ad (titled The New Windows Traveler) does a good job of highlighting most of the notable features of Microsoft’s new operating system, while at the same time suggesting that Windows 8.1 can handle both work and play, business and pleasure.

All in all, this is a nice funny commercial, which is most likely an attempt to reach a wider audience. Considering the length comes in at 30 second, there is a sure chance that it will be playing on TV screens the world over, very soon.

Windows 8.1 is already up for grabs for free on the Window Store if you are running Windows 8. Core license for the new operating system starts at $119.99.

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  • 1stkorean

    Microsoft needs to fire that Ad Company. It Sucks…

    • Onuora Amobi

      Yeah it’s pretty awful. Not clear exactly how he can get work done in such a cramped space – even with a Windows device.


      Hey Korean – did you buy the Surface?

      • 1stkorean

        Hi Onuora…Yes I bought one and had to return it. About every 3 days I turn on Surface, under the Logo it says “Preparing BitLocker recovery” and then ask and ask me for BitLocker key to continue.

        After I enter the key, the “unlock” was successful and goes to Recovery, but everything after that failed:

        1. If I choose Exit and continue to Windows RT, I got locked out again and everything above happened again. Infinity loop.
        2. Same thing if I choose Turn off your PC, I turn it on and I was again locked out.
        3. Automatic Repair couldn’t repair, Refresh& Reset stuck on 1%.
        I called Microsoft Store in San Francisco from Seoul and they recommended I return it. So I did.
        I might be in America for about 10 days in Dec. and will get another one then. While I had it and it worked I really enjoyed it. Battery when I left SF was 100% 12½ hrs later landing in Inchon Int. Airport still had about some battery remaining. Not once did I have to plug it into the airplane power under the seat.
        Thanks for asking.