While Windows RT might be built around Windows NT technology like Windows 8, there are some real differences. For starters, it only works with ARM processors and has a different driver system that doesn’t work with legacy drivers.

With that in mind, how do you know that your USB and Bluetooth devices are going to work well with your new Windows RT or Microsoft Surface RT tablet?

Up until now, there has been little official guidance from Microsoft about this matter, although Steve Ballmer did declare that 420 million current PC hardware products would in fact work.

Basically you were left to playing around and seeing for yourself— but guidance has finally arrived.

There is now a Compatibility Center site that allows you to type in what device you are curious about and it will give you information about whether it will work or not. Keep in mind that quite a few devices might be listed as “limitedly” working — for the most part that means compatibility is hint and miss.

That being said, many of the more basic devices like mouses that are listed with limited functionality seem to work just fine.

Having this page up is great news if you are considering a Windows RT tablet but want to make sure some of your most used peripherals and accessories work first.

Have you jumped into Windows RT with the Surface or another Windows-based tablet? If so, what do you think so far?


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