Microsoft, it appears, has appointed Gurdeep Singh Pall as the new corporate vice president for Skype after Mark Gillett recently decided to leave the company.

Gillett, the outgoing corporate vice president, informed Microsoft employees about his decision in an internal memo a couple of days back, explaining that he was taking up another job — though nothing was revealed at that time where the senior executive was heading.

But now we know that his new home will be Silver Lake, the private equity firm.

Pall, however, has previously worked with the Online Services Division. As AllThingsD reports, Microsoft has brought him in to take over from Gillett and lead the Skype unit.

The newly appointed leader is not alien to the VoIP platform. He already worked for Skype in 2011 when Microsoft purchased the company. Once the acquisition was complete, Paul was designated the position of corporate vice president of Microsoft’s Information Platform & Experience Team.

Now, there is a job title, if ever there was one!

Anyway, he already has a fair bit of knowhow of the popular VoIP service, as well as other Redmond units. Case in point, he also worked as Executive Vice President for Bing, so the man knows his stuff.

We do not have details, at this point, on would take over this vacant seat.

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