The only reliable source when it comes to statistics for the Windows Store is Microsoft itself, the Redmond giant isn’t in sharing mood for the time being.

Though they did recently hint that some apps had surpassed the 1 million download mark, but counting the number of downloads recoded by a specific app is impossible. This does not mean there are certain ways to list the top applications in the apps repository.

One such analysis is conducted by WinAppUpdate, listing the apps with the most ratings in the Store.

And it brings out some very interesting numbers.

Microsoft is the company with the biggest number of ratings as 19 of the 30 apps in this list belong to the Redmond tech giant itself — quite an inspiring percentage, which obvious leaders like Skype, and built-in applications like Mail, Music and more.

Skype tops the list with over 17,000 ratings, with Netflix hot on its heels with over 15,000.

The insanely popular game Fruit Ninja is the only paid application in the top 30 with at position 9. The arcade game from Halfbrick Studios retails for $4.99.

While app ratings do not represent the actual number of downloads or total users for a given application, there is a strong connection between these factors — applications with large number of downloads usually record high volume of ratings.

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