New Design And More Features Coming To VLC Player For Windows 8.1

VideoLAN started a successful Kickstarter campaign back in 2012 in order to raise the necessary funds to port the VLC Player to Windows 8. This was around the time the new OS was released.

More than 3,000 backers donated to the tune of $78,900 in order to see the popular media playback app on Microsoft’s modern platform. After years or development, and more than one delay, they saw just that as VLC for Windows 8 finally hit the Windows Store.

As far as first releases go, it was standard affair — crashes, bugs and all that.

However, the app also came with a rather bland user interface. The developers behind the Metro app promised frequent updates (which they have delivered on) before they could focus on the design.

And now it appears that things are up for a change, as one of the developers working on the application has confirmed that the app is getting a new design. Something that makes VLC Player not just more responsive, but also in line with the Windows 8.1 design framework.

Here is the tweet, by Thomas Nigro:

“Working on VLC for Windows 8.1 … 🙂 New design coming, more responsive and 8.1-ish.”

A smiley face never hurts, be my guess!

The version currently available in the Windows Store still comes with the beta tag, and users have reported many a bugs that affect not just reliability, but also subtitles support, limited support for playlists and streams, along with performance issues with certain file formats.

All in due course, as the say. All in due course. Fingers crossed.

  • Mary

    I hope it comes out ready to go on 8.1 now! As you mentioned, when it was just recently released, there were plenty of bugs. Let’s hope they can make it more responsive as they promised! 🙂

  • Ray C

    As long as they keep improving it

    • Drew J

      That’s how I feel at this point. I am glad it’s here. I am understanding to the bugs early. All I ask for is constant improvement, which it seems like they’re giving us here.