Want to perform all those Windows 8 style gesture swipes without actually using a touchscreen? That’s exactly what Elliptic Labs set out to do with its new Gesture Suite.

The Gesture Suite basically works using ultrasound control to pick up movements of your hands. This is somewhat like the Kinect, but completely without the need for camera and instead relying on sound. The SDK for the technology is out and ready now, but not just any PC will be able to use this. You need extra microphones and transducers to add this new sound-based gesture system.

Still, the implications here are important. If Elliptic Labs could partner with Microsoft (or anyone really) to release a Microphone system that comes with this software, it could be great for desktops and laptops that don’t have touch screens but still want some of the easy gesture support found in the newest version of Windows.

More than likely, new PC and laptop rigs could also ship with this technology for much cheaper than the costs of actually having a touchscreen. Sure, this doesn’t give us the same level of control that a touchscreen would have– but it could still be pretty useful.

Can you get by with just a keyboard and a mouse? Sure, that’s what I use with Windows 8. That said, I can’t say I wouldn’t love an easier way to control these kinds of gestures on my desktop. What about you? What do you think of this new gesture based technology?

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  • MG_Info

    Interesting technology but it probably wouldn’t work very well if there is much background sound, like say music playing.

  • Fredric

    this can be the news of the day. But will this technology be as interesting as it sounds?

  • Robert Kegel

    A couple things I’d have to know before I say yay or nay.

    1) Whats the distance you have to be from the screen for it to register? If you have to be close to the screen (less than 4 feet) I don’t think it will catch on. It’ll have the same issues as a touch screen. I think it would get old every time you want to swipe or virtually click something on the screen if you have to move from your natural comfortable position. This is what I think could make Kinect for the PC (or something similar) better. If you can sit back in your chair as if you’re using a mouse and execute gestures from that position, then I think it would be a usable technology.

    2) Since its using ultrasounds control can anything within a house or business interrupt it?